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Adventure yourself into the ecological park ZAPOTE. You will live and enjoy the smell of the jungle, its tranquility, beauty, adventures and memorable moments in a 100% natural destination of the Riviera Maya. Living this amazing tour, you will get unique memories of fun moments and heavenly landscapes


  • History and Paradise: its a place with very particular beauty in, each cenote offers different experiences each of them. The nature sounds harmonizes the whole place.

  • The Mayan Jungle: A place that preserves the energy of the ancestral mayan world. you will feel the calling of the nature to free your explorer spirit on a bike ride. Open your eyes because everything is alive, everything.

  • Cenotes: Imagine visiting 3 complete different cenotes each one with their own beauty. Zapote, Las Palmas and Grandpa Cheche. A different activity in each one. Yes, you will meet them all.

  • Zip lines: Four Amazing zip lines are ready to test your courage. Live the adrenaline at maximum breathing out your fears and breathing in the fun.

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