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A land of mystery, spiritual awakening, nature, cenotes, and risk-free extreme adventure. This is a journey that will make a true explorer out of you. Prepare yourself for the Mayan Underworld of Xibalba. Prepare to discover a place design by nature.

  • Adventure in nature: Experience a meaningful encounter with mother nature, as you boost your senses and receive the greatest gift the universe has for you. While getting ready for the adventure.

  • Caves and cenotes adventure: Encounter underground rivers, open cenotes, cenote caves by exploring Grutas Ikk, Xamanha, Tamha, and Xibalba. 4 different types of 100% natural cenotes in one place.

  • A Natural speleo expedition: Explore the depths of the Mayan Underworld and experience adventure and adrenaline as you encounter breathtaking panoramas and stoke your wanderlust.

  • Natural Adventure activities: Leave no stone unturned by swimming, jumping, rappelling, zip-lining and many other things in a place design by nature, located on a secret location, surrounded by magic. You will fall in love with this place. All explorers fall in love.

  • Explorers Box Lunch: You will have moment to recharge batteries and eat a healthy lunch after all the adventure in nature has come to an end. 

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Excellent Tour

It was an excellent tour with our guide Alejandro!! Super nice the park! All excellent! People!


Excellent landscapes and excellent attention by our guide Alejandro!! Thank you!!

- T6914GMpaolam

Great Experience

Excellent tour! Out of the ordinary, in touch with nature and our guide Lalo Cervera made the experience something unique, fun and interesting!


Quite recommended!

- KarlaO346


Go Natural Explorers certified adventure tour guide

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Adventure activities

Box Lunch (drinks included)


Cenote expedition

Cave speolology

Mayan sensatory

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Awake your senses in a Mayan sensatory

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