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The best guide in Chichen Itza.

On the tour we took full day we were impressed by how much Gabriel and his team know about the place.

Fun and illustrative also make responsible tourism because we had contact with local communities.


We loved the experience and learned a lot

- Miriam Eliana B.



Dig into the astronomical secrets of Chichen Itza with our unique explorers handpicked personalized Chichen Itza Time Masters tour. In this journey you will live a total Yucatecan experience by visiting a colonial town, a sacred cenote and tasting the Yucatecan millenary cuisine. 


  • History and Culture: Explore Chichen Itza and get the latest updates about this great Mayan-city that will stir your imagination on how the Mayans astronomers were able to chart the ancient skies with the precision of today’s modern technology and don't miss the greatest spots of Chichen with our explorers handpicked personalized guided tour.  


  • Mayan Museum & Hand Craft: Witness a place that preserves the memories of the Mayan artisan community ... Replicas of Mayan artifacts and other civilizations of ancient meso-america. Find unique handmade gifts from Mayan women artisans, handcrafts that tell stories of the Mayan people and the Mayan world. 


  • Culinary Mayan Experience: On this personalized tour,  you’ll experience the Mayan culture through its rich and vast cuisine. We may not realize it, but many of our favorite foods—from guacamole to chocolate—were discovered, developed, and refined centuries ago in the Mayan world. 


  • Geology: Gain insight in one of the most stunning cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula…jump into its crystal clear waters and fresh your mind as you enjoy this magnificent place.  


  • Valladolid: Explore this colonial town. Explore it and learn why Valladolid is recognized as “Pueblo Magico” for its unique and significant history combine with great traditions



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