COME AND EXPLORE MEXICO WITH US! In Go Natural Explorers we have the belief of reconnecting the human being with mother nature. To recover the exploratory customs and to fall in love with our Mexico once more. And what better way to do it than discovering, exploring and living the most magical, extreme and unsurpassed places that this country has to offer. Join us in the search for adventure, reactivate your senses, challenge your fears, discover spectacular places, become an extreme explorer and fall in love with nature landscapes. An expedition of go natural explorers will allow you to see one of the wonderful places of this country in the Go Natural Explorers style.


The four elements expedition will take you to reactivate your senses by exploring different 100% natural and Mexican landscapes. You will eat 100% local food. You will live moments that will make you be yourself with nature. Impressive sights. You will challenge and develop new skills. You will awaken your scouting spirit. It is an expedition that will make you live. Resurface and experience the mystical side of Mexican nature. areas you never thought you could explore. You will become a new person. You will become a natural go explorer.


You will test your resistance to new challenges. The snow-capped mountain of Toluca, one of the sacred mountains of Mexico, protects unique, beautiful and stunning landscapes and views that only true explorers can enjoy. In a single day you can experience the main landscapes of the snowy.


Fall in love with the journey, impact yourself with its landscapes and discover and revive your exploring spirit.


This expedition will lead you to challenge your skills and develop new ones. You will become an explorer of the unusual. You will be shocked by the beauty of the places you will visit. The snowy Toluca is one of the most important sacred mountains in Mexico. Its majestic landscapes and mystical aura will change your life completely.

With its spectacular views. The snowy Toluca is considered a jewel of expeditions around all of Mexico. This volcano has a unique energy in the world and with natural go explorers you can discover it.


In Mexico there are sacred and legendary mountains. The great Iztaczihuatl is one of them. Being one of the three largest mountains in all of Mexico. Reaching the top and camping in your gut are unique moments in life. Get ready to experience another level of experiences. A level that only explorers can experience. An adventure like no other in one of the most legendary places in all of Mexico


One of the most beautiful volcanoes in Mexico. In this expedition you will master your mind and body by climbing to where the explorers arrive. You will visit villages. You will eat the typical food of the region.


You will have a moment of relaxation and you will meditate on everything that is about to reach your life. If fate put you face to face with the Malinche. Dominate the Malinche, master your fears, activate your senses and fall in love with the view.

Accept the Malinche mission.


The most extreme expedition of all. It is not for less. You will be dominating the largest mountain in all of Mexico and the third largest in North America.

Stunning views, unsurpassed natural landscapes. And in the end conquer the summit of Mexico, the highest place in the whole country.


It is an expedition that only those who are ready to live something so extreme can achieve it.

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