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At Go Natural Explorers we are aware of the situation and the official news of this global event (COVID-19). We know that a good cure for when this is all over will be to go out, travel, explore and discover the world as if it were the first time to embrace mother nature once again. But it is not time yet, and until that moment comes, we have to take care of each other and maintain a positive attitude towards the situation.

The whole world is in a process of change. We are realizing the importance of those things that we took for granted. This situation affects us all in all kinds of ways, we are witness of unprecedented scenarios and have been ask for a huge sacrifice, to cut our routines and pause our lives as we knew.

But he have something that is priceless. Time, the time to reconnect with our being, with our wild and explorer spirit. Time with our loved ones, time to learn, time to heal ourselves and time to give thanks for everything we have, for all our adventures, for those moments we live, for those memories that feed our hearts. Time to give thanks for all the love we gave and received, thanks for all the obstacles that were presented to us and we have overcome them, thanks for the people we were, the people we are and the people we will become.

Explorers believe that the world that awaits us once this situation ends (COVID-19) will be much more beautiful. A world that demands a new type of mentality, a new type of human being and a new type of explorers and lovers of nature.

Cheer up explorers. What is to come will be something more beautiful and impressive than what we have known, bigger dreams will be fulfilled and mother nature will be ready to connect with our newly reformed hearts, as if it were the first time. We have the certainty and the mentality that we will see each other very soon to explore our wonderful planet earth together once again.#stayhome #natureawaits #likeitwasthefirsttime





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